'Remember me for the life I live, not the money I make': €180,000-a-night DJ Avicii's haunting words on his own death
Japan volcano erupts for first time in 250 years
Company launches online world where people can have virtual sex with 3D versions of their favourite porn stars
Magician David Copperfield forced to reveal secrets behind illusion after Brit left with brain damage from fall
Indian dad gives his daughter to friends as a gift and joins them in gang-raping her in horror 18-hour attack
California tortoise with cracked shell gets $4,000 repair
Nanny found guilty of stabbing two young children to death in luxury New York apartment
'Hero' pilot who calmly landed Flight 1380 despite explosion at 32,000ft was among first women to fly F18 jets in US history
German Shepherd teases an 11-month-old baby boy as he chases the dog around the room on his hands and knees in an adorable game of chase
Two pilots are killed as light aircraft collide in mid-air smash over German airfield 'while both trying to land'
ZOO TRAGEDY Horrifying moment giraffe accidentally kills itself in a zoo after getting its neck stuck in a branch while trying to scratch an itch
"It's clear as day": Man captures 'knight on horseback' after flying new drone at 11th Century castle
Model left partially blind after botched operation to change colour of her eyes with silicone implants
President Trump announces U.S. missile strikes on Syria in retaliation for deadly chemical attack
Strawberries and spinach top the 'Dirty Dozen' list of foods with the most pesticides linked to cancer, obesity and infertility

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