When it's life or death: Family members donate livers to relatives despite risks
Pole dance club founder on 10 years of empowering women and keeping them fit
Bloodsucking leech pulled from woman's throat after 3 months
Americans aren't making enough babies to replace ourselves
Pregnancy sickness 'desperation' behind 80 ambulance call-outs a day
Woman addicted to eating her own hair has giant hairball 'with tail' removed from her stomach
2-year-old needs rare blood type to save her life, now there's a worldwide search underway
More than 90% of world's children breathe toxic air
Surfer dies from brain eating amoeba after visiting Waco, Texas, resort
World's first case of rat hepatitis E infecting a human discovered in Hong Kong man, 56
4 Patients Get Cancer After Receiving Organs From Same Donor in 'Extremely Rare' Case
Caterer who was given a pioneering pound 50,000 'bionic penis' after being born without the organ FINALLY has sex aged 45
Brothers, 13 and 9, with rare 'Benjamin Button disease' have captured the hearts of millions in their fight to survive
Black hair on your tongue? Here s what that could be
Strangers Carry Injured Woman Down the Mountain When She Couldn't Continue Hike

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