Caterer who was given a pioneering pound 50,000 'bionic penis' after being born without the organ FINALLY has sex aged 45
Brothers, 13 and 9, with rare 'Benjamin Button disease' have captured the hearts of millions in their fight to survive
Black hair on your tongue? Here s what that could be
Strangers Carry Injured Woman Down the Mountain When She Couldn't Continue Hike
Woman finds unusual tablets at the bottom of Starbucks drink: 'I was scared to death'
Scientists warn of the risks of 'tongue-splitting' trend that sees people cut their tongue in HALF
The man with 5st scrotum - that WOULDN'T stop growing - reveals he couldn't have sex for 9 years and could only pee in the shower
Woman bled to death after giving birth at home with just YouTube videos for guidance
Why you shouldn't use your fan today - even though it's getting even hotter
15 Foods that Make Your Skin Age Fast (And How to Replace Them)
3-year-old cancer survivor serves as flower girl in bone marrow donor's wedding
Mum bans her children from eating birthday cake - says 'sugar has same affect as cocaine'
Man told he's 'performing too much oral sex' after mysterious red circle found in mouth
'His skin was on fire' Banana Boat sun cream leaves boy, 5, screaming in pain and with first degree burns after causing a 'chemical reaction'
Bill Gates warns that a deadly disease could wipe out 30 MILLION people in just six months

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