5-year-old girl was stuck on school bus ride from hell
Adolf Hitler was GAY and loved teenage boys, CIA files claim
Congolese Mukwege, Iraq's Murad win 2018 Nobel Peace Prize
Mum who gave birth at 62 admits lying to doctors about age before artificial insemination
Glitter bums get a spooky makeover for Halloween as beauty fans turn their bottoms into pumpkins
Diner's horror as Toby Carvery admits the 'maggot' she found in her food was actually a CATERPILLAR
Why Hong Kong does not use such numbers
Former Hong Kong policeman seeks baby he saved in tragic 1980 incident at sea that claimed lives of 48 illegal immigrants
New Jersey Driver Finds Baby Crawling Across Road
Venice tourists could be hit with $580 fine for sitting down
Venice tourists could be hit with $580 fine for sitting down
Athlete Banned From All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Buffet for Eating Too Much
KFC customer outraged after finding 'slimy HEART' inside breadcrumb chicken meal
Exactly what happens to your body when it is cremated and how long it takes to burn
'Happy' student, 18, collapsed and died just four days after moving into university accommodation, inquest hears

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