Florida Resident Finds Gator Hiding Under Pickup Truck
Fukushima operator to pay €100,000 to family of 102-year-old who killed himself when told to flee
Bride Gets Trapped in Elevator on Her Wedding Day
TEPCO ordered to pay $142,000 in damages
Is this the world's worst attempted robbery?
Young woman escapes certain death in blazing apartment block fire by climbing out onto window ledge
The Folks Who Protest Valentine's Day In Japan
Florida Boy Eager to Get Stuffed Animal From Claw Machine Winds Up Stuck Inside
Husband, 88, jailed after trying to kill dementia-stricken wife with a hammer to 'end suffering'
Mom Delivers Baby on Hospital Floor After She Can't Make It to Maternity Ward: 'It Just Happened'
Heroic 11-year-old boy drowned after saving friend who fell into frozen pond
Virginia Man Wins $400,000 in Lottery After Dreaming of Winning Numbers
Man Owns 6-Foot-Long Pet Crocodile: 'He Became Part of the Family'
Goose Hunter Knocked Unconscious By Dead Bird Falling From Sky
Woman Throws Divorce Party and Everyone Dons Their Wedding Dresses

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