Teenager exploring Tintern Abbey at night stunned to see ghostly figure of 'hooded monk' in the ruins
Greek cat sanctuary 'overwhelmed' with emails after advertising paid job on idyllic island with 55 felines
Mutant eight-kilogramme potato that has grown into the shape of a human foot
Missing cat finally finds its way home after incredible 13 YEARS 'living as stray and hunting food'
Identical Twin Brides Marry Identical Twin Grooms in Joint Ceremony in Twinsburg, Ohio
Man Who Lost Limbs After He Was Licked by Dog Says He's Happy to Be Alive
Woman completely transforms face as part of new sculpting beauty trend - and the results are shocking
California Hair Stylist Sets Client's Hair on Fire to Get Rid of Split Ends
Mother of Chinese leukaemia victim returns US$63,000 in donations after daughter's death
Inside an AI sex robot factory: Disturbing pictures show 'realistic' interactive toys are put together
Medical miracle as mother with TWO wombs becomes pregnant in both at the same time and gives birth to two babies in one-in-500million case
Girl, 14, has 'twin' sister growing from her chest with two extra arms and dangling fingers
Furious commuter SITS on man after he refuses to give up seat for her - but is all as it seems?
Tourist impaled by beach umbrella caught in the 'force of the wind' at New Jersey shore
Carving of modern bicycle found on wall of 2,000-year-old temple

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